Ten more days until Be with Me Always

In just ten days Be with Me Always will be officially out in the world!  If you can’t wait, you can pre-order it here.

Meanwhile, Poets & Writers gives a tiny preview of it in their column “Page One:Where New and Noteworthy Books Begin” along with these other lovely titles:

After Page One

I’ll be posting more news soon, but if you’d like to look at my reading schedule to hear more from Be with Me Always in person, you can find it here.

Thanks — as always — for your interest!

3 thoughts on “Ten more days until Be with Me Always

  1. To my great disappointment the University of Nebraska Press, via their web page, inform me that they are unable to sell their products to inhabitants of my country (the United Kingdom), so if you have any information about how a copy of your book might be smuggled across the Atlantic I would be very grateful for it. Or any information as to the names and addresses of any bookshops in DC that can be relied upon to stock it, so that I can pick one up when I am in the city over Easter. Many thanks (and many congratulations).

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