The Writers Bloc reviews Brevity

Katelin Farnsworth of The Writers Bloc reviewed issue 48 of Brevity — the issue that includes my essay “The Heart as a Torn Muscle.”

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Here’s one of the nice things she said:

The Heart As A Torn Muscle’ by Randon Billings Noble takes an old age problem – the longing to be with someone who isn’t your partner, and spins it on it on its head. It’s captivating and refreshing, without taking itself too seriously (which it easily could have). It’s written as a ‘how to’ and is very clever. Here’s one of its gems:

‘No horoscopes. No tarot cards or tea leaves. If you must, you may steep yourself in stories of passion and price. Years from now you can indulge in what-ifs. But for now, right now, put your hand to your chest and feel what beats. The only muscle you can’t live without needs to stay whole.’

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