Devotional, a lyric essay chapbook, was published by Red Bird Chapbooks on 30 June 2017.  Please click to order.

Devotional front cover

From Red Bird:

This brilliantly decorated star fold book opens to expose a simple beauty and the experience of longing in a series of personal devotions, its brevity and contemplative prose evocative of a medieval Book of Hours.  Each section of Devotional calls an image to the page in a language that is rich and full – a hand, a pine, storm clouds, swallowtails; within the structure of eight short hours, the reader is gifted with an increased awareness of the nature of the everyday world and the self through this small, meditative text.


News and reviews:

Devotional is featured as part of “A Walking Tour of the Poets House Library” by Amanda Glassman (25 October 2018).

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Devotional is reviewed as part of “Chucking Hail Marys from the Throw Line: On Failing to Define the CNF Chapbook” by Penny Guisinger in River Teeth (4 October 2018).

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Devotional was on display at Poets House in New York during the summer of 2018, and is now part of their library!

Devotional in Poets House